Whimsicalidocious Arts selects one individual per artistic discipline to scholarship each year. As applies to writers, the scholarship comes in the form of Indie-publishing. 

For those seeking Indie-publishing assistance outside of our scholarship program, E. Gads Hill Press is happy to aid authors via the following services:
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  • Publishing calendar planning
  • Beta reading
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Manuscript formatting
  • Book cover formatting
  • Manuscript and cover uploading
  • Author bio composition
  • Blurb composition
  • Custom author website design
  • Creation of social media pages
  • Amazon Author Page setup
  • Press release writing and limited distribution
  • Book launch party planning - both online and in-person
  • Social media posting packages
  • Book trailer video production
  • Podcast interview
  • Logo creation and merchandising
  • Assistance for deaf and visually-impaired writers and related projects
Compensation payable to independent contractors as contracted. Services arranged directly through E. Gads Hill Press are payable via Whimsicalidocious.