My Angel, My Penny

by Marcus Prudhon

I awake each day anew...realizing you are gone
No more kisses, no hugs to help me carry on.
Once there was love, both frightening yet sure
A love most of us want, sometimes forever long for.
I carry on with loving your memory, I carry it quite proud
Your voice your laugh, your face, and not like a shroud.
I don't bear your memory like a cross for all to see.
I bear you in my heart...the only place you need be.
I live on each day, fully, trying not to regret
That's what you wanted...and yet I don't forget
Your body, your tongue, your love, your taste
You are sweet memory, a treasure I won't erase.
I honor you by loving, laughing and living this life true
Not hiding, nor failing to love and remember you.
I love you still, my dearest, and when I think of then.
I pray there will come a day when we will touch again.