The Castle

by Marc Prudhon

written in complement to the image shown

image created by Robert Buhl
All sleep here now in peaceful rest, but this  wasn't always so.
Protected by those who were the best, in centuries ago.
So visitor, pay your fee to enter, this hallowed place, if you will.
Walk these halls where battle raged, warriors blood did spill.
Your guide will tell of that final time, when heroism was the norm.
When invaders came over the walls, on a night of lightning and storm.
Down from those walls, past the stables, the men awakened from their sleep.
Fought to keep the intruders out, save the woman and child within the keep.
Finally they were driven off in retreat, their evil plans bereft.
They never knew how very few of those warriors were left.
On nights when thunder rolls and lightning flashes, so some do say.
The shades of those brave ones, guard the castle to this very day.