Song in the Sand

by J. Hergan

Song on the Sand by Forrest Munger
Striding alone on the shores of my self
I hear the exotic rhythm of the song of her heart
Whose lyrics I know, for I found them here
Inscribed in the sands of my soul.
And raising one rough shell to my mournful ear
I listen once more, that I might dance
Once more, with her, and hear, not know.
But no one sings the song from me
And from her lips, spread slightly, soft
Not one sweet word to grace her ebbing beat
She whispers only: shhhhhhh.
Still she knows she bears the key
That releases the words love carved in me
That the only rhythm they'd ever grace
Is the symphony of beauty blessing her face
And the opera of passion, her flowering mind
And the strumming of her fingers on my lips
And the crashing pound of my heart.
So I wait, and watch but cannot hear
The words of the song she evokes from me
Words I know, writ still within,
That only she can sing from me.
But: shhhhhhh she breathes, and smiles, knowing.