by Marc Prudhon

Wings enwrapping her, she finds them warm not cold.
Shielding her body from harm, her heart, spirit, and soul.
He says "Come with me, all the Universe can be free.
Hear the songs the stars sing, in this and each Galaxy.
Through eons past for me, wonders and miracles have been shown.
But after millennia of passage. I tire of ever traveling alone.
Little one, put aside any terror, from fear you shall be free.
You will be safe from all harm, on this journey with me."
She answered, "You of great wings, eyes burning, body so stark,
In my life I feared many things, but never once feared the dark.
To you I vow to open all of my being, my soul, spirit and my mind.
I cannot wait to see all the miracles, the joy, and wonders we'll find."
He held her to his chest, smiled calmly, and his wings did unfurl.
Neither was ever seen again, throughout the life of this world.