Advent Sunday #1

Sunday, December 1st   

As the season begins, think of all of the things we say and do that depend upon our ability to imagine during the Christmas season.  Try to remember and share with others one thing that adults did for you to help you imagine the wonders of Christmas:

When I was a very little girl,
I used to believe, I used to believe,
In Santa Claus
On Christmas Eve.

When I made my Christmas list,
Of things I want, my dreams and such,
I cried when I finished,
I wadded it up.

What I really want this Christmas Eve,
Is to believe, Is to believe,
In Santa Claus 
On Christmas Eve.

I want my heart to really soar,
At each knock upon the door,
Or bump on the roof or upon the floor,
Because I just know in my heart of hearts.
That it's Santa Claus
With something for me.

This time, as I compose my list,
I have just one, one Christmas wish,
Please, let me believe as I did when a child,
In the magic of Santa,
On Christmas Eve.

by Lyle Dagnen