Advent Sunday #2

Sunday, December 8th:  By this time in the month, we are usually making plans for the holidays; trying to co-ordinate family gatherings and outside celebrations.  The kids are working on being good, letters to Santa should, surely, be mailed by now.  If you were told you could write a Santa wish list and the wishes would be granted, what would you wish to come true?  Write a jot list, if not a full blown letter of your Christmas wishes.  Try sharing it with family.

Dear Santa, 
It's me again, the one on the top of the naughty list.  I did try to be better this year; there were just so many good opportunities for me to  be bad and stay off the list that once again, I'm busted by the “Goodie Two Shoes” committee.  Your visit to me, on the 26th is anticipated, as always.  Santa, while you've got your magic on, think about doing these things.   I know I have a spanking coming but these wishes aren't for me, there for other people.
  1. Spread extra doses of help for people who are having a hard time. Provide an opportunity, a step up, a chance to do more for themselves.  Give these people the ability to dig right in and take advantage of the help you send. That way, we give them the gift of pride of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a job well done.
  1. There are hungry people all over the world, as  you fly around dropping off gifts, please give each house a magic pot.  A pot that fills with food each day, food that will help them make it each day.
  1. People don't have homes that are safe, a child can't prosper when worry for food and shelter dominate their minds.  So, provide the “stuff” to make a shelter, that keeps out the weather and makes people feel safe.
  1. Santa, there are people who are sick, some may not make it.  I've talked with Death, I understand the cycle of life, but just on this night, randomly sprinkle a miracle or two.  A child, a grandparent, a mom or a dad, I won't look or even ask, just blow this to the wind and let the fates decide.
  1. This last wish, I have begun to wonder if even you can do it, but remove some of the hate that makes us kill each other.  Put in an extra dose of peace this year.
Thank you for reading my letter, I know you always do.  I have the aged scotch in the frig so it will be cold like you like it.  I have the wood for the fire that you so enjoy.  See you the day after Christmas, Santa.