Advent Sunday #4

Sunday December 22nd:  By now we are so close to Christmas, that nobody can stand it anymore.  Keeping special gifts hidden, keeping the chatty kid from blabbing all the secrets, getting it all done, adds joy as well as pressure during the season.   Take a few moments, turn things off, turn down the lights, even light a candle or two, and remember the reason for the season.  I'm not talking about being all religious but to recognize how much just one life can make a difference in the world.  Look at what it was like during that time, even pursue what people say the true story is, really.  Look at this like a history lesson.  I'm not Muslim but I know who Muhammad is and I know the history of his movement. 

I've always felt that there was a lot of stuff going on that night in Bethlehem, after all the inn was crowded, not even a room for a pregnant lady.  So, out there in the barn, the inn keeper probably had a son doing chores to take care of all the animals kept that by the guests.  This poem is told in the voice of a young boy.  Because I'm from these Appalachian mountains here, it gets a southern, mountain accent.  

Hey, there little baby,
What ya doing here?
Don't you know this ain't no place
For one as small as you?
Why just look around,
It's cold and dark in here.
Where's your Ma, where's you Pa,
They should be here,
Be here with you.

Hey, there little baby,
You're a fine looking kid.
You kind of glow,
All around your face,
It's natural here,
Standing by your bed.
Why, there's your Ma, and There's you Pa,
We're all smilin'
At little ol' you.

Hey, there little baby,
Do your hear the angels singin'
Are you the new kid,
The one that has been promised?
Why, who'd a thought it,
You look like a regular kid.
I'm sure glad I found you,
Out is this old barn.

By: Lyle Dagnen