Memorial Day 2015

by Marc Prudhon

Friend, walk quietly past each warriors grave.
They died, your freedom and safety to save.
Those men and women all knew fear, but kept their nerve,
Each knew they might die, when they agreed to serve.
Stop in this "First weekend of Summer" and give just due.
To all those ones who surrendered home and life for you.
Never forget for a moment, what they gave and each died for.
They placed heart and soul, between us and the horrors of war.
Army, Navy, Marine, and Air—it matters not their shoulders crest.
All now sleep forever together, in honored rest.

by Susan Brooks Fleming

Reflections Upon and Eagle In a National Cemetery: 

Here they are, row on row,
Silent now, they say not a word,
A granite stone, a simple name,
Their deeds are songs never heard.

If you stand in the quiet on a misty morn,
Close your eyes and stand really still,
You'll hear the stories of courage born,
Together they lay, under the grass so green.

Your heart will tell you their stories true,
Of a life that they gave for me and for you,
A stone marks the place, a final truth,
Where they gained their rest, a last tribute.